Tianjin ShockTech Fine Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2016. We are located in Tianjin National Industrial Development Zone, a strategic corridor for synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. With proprietary intellectual property rights and over 2000 m2 plant area, we are a leading ceramic manufacturer specially focusing on R&D and manufacturing of nitrogen ceramics such as aluminium nitride and silicon nitride ceramics, and our products are widely used in new energy, chemical, machinery manufacturing, automobile and semiconductor industries.

We focus on diversified customer applications, and conduct material component and process design based on different customer needs; we provide integral solutions from material design, R&D and manufacturing to application service. 


We adhere to the business ideas of “first-class quality, people oriented and upmost service”, and are always committed to technology innovation of nitrogen ceramics materials, as well as continuous optimization of process reliability and product stability. We expect a long and reliable partnership with all of our users. 


“We provide not only products, but all about integrated solutions.”

We sincerely welcome your presence and guidance, whether you are an old customer or new customer, or colleagues from all walks of life.

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