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Silicon nitride ceramic structural parts

Based on different application areas and performance requirements of customers, we are able to provide customized solutions for materials and processes, and customize silicon nitride ceramics structural parts with diversified shapes according to drawing and processing requirements (diameter or diagonal≤200mm, height≤1050mm).

(1)Wear-resistant products: silicon nitride with low density (≥3.24 g/cm3) and excellent wear resistance (hardness1500Mpa), widely used in various wear-resisting areas.

Engine radial seals
Series wafer
Locating slide block
Wearing plate
Wearing plate

(2)Insulation products: silicon nitride with high insulativity (≥15 KV/mm) and good disruptive strength under high temperature, which makes it one of the best ceramics materials in insulation areas, especially in high temperature insulation areas.

Insulation spacer
Insulation ring
Insulation sleeve pictures

(3)High temperature resistant products: silicon nitride with good thermal shock resistance (800℃) and low thermal expansion coefficient (3.3×10-6/℃), which can resist high temperature and sees no significant performance degradation under a temperature of 1200℃; it can be frequently used under intermittent high temperature environment with long service life, stable dimension stability and high working reliability.

Bender mould
Bender mould
Bender mould
Ceramic parts
silicon nitride blank

spacer spacer

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